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We are leaders in web-based recruitment software solutions.

Every day we help 7,000 recruitment and HR professionals in 30 countries manage their recruitment needs with our powerful solutions. Regardless of your size, from start-up to multi-national, turboRECRUIT is the recruitment software for you.

In the current economic climate, companies are looking at optimising their recruitment processes, reducing costs and gaining more speed to fulfill jobs. Our turboRECRUIT software can help.

turboRECRUIT is a user friendly, intuitive, web enabled recruitment management system. It offers the benefits of an Internet enabled recruitment portal - meaning: infrastructure cost savings, flexibility in recruitment process options, on-demand changes to the job application process and more.

If you advertise across mutiple job boards, turboRECRUIT also offers its own job posting engine, which saves time by posting all jobs at once.

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